Mook Lion (Daniel Chapman), or Mookie, is mural artist based in Makhanda. His interest in street art is its possibility to communicate with the public. Over two weeks he and his collaborator Phila Philaso will be working with the Mdantsane Arts Centre in Eastern Cape, and with a group of primarily young local artists, to engage with questions of Water, Energy and Food, to develop images for murals, and then to design and paint the murals on six containers which function as art studios at Mdantsane Art Centre. He speaks of his work in this documentary on street art and mural art in Durban.
Christine Dixie is a Senior Lecture in Fine Arts at Rhodes University, Makhanda. She has joined the Eco-Imagining team, bringing with her networks of artists, environmental academics and art practitioners wishing to contribute. As part of this, her own work entitled Ghostprints For The Abyssal Plains, explores the contradictions of living in an upside-down world. Some of the images are fanciful; some gesture to colonialism and its impact; others illustrate the damage of extractive industry and globalised economies on the environment, and so water, energy, and food. Corinne Cooper from the Rhodes Music Department along with Eco-Imagining co-investigator Andries Bezuidenhout is collaborating with Christine on the soundtrack.
Our PhD Scholar, Sandra Zaroufis, recently attended a conference hosted by the Human Sciences Research Council and the Imprint of Education (TIE) study. The conference was held in Diani, Kenya, with the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship alumni from 7 countries across Africa. Read more here