SOWETO to the World: Sandra Heads to the HSRC Conference in Kenya!

Our PhD Scholar, Sandra Zaroufis, recently attended a conference hosted by the Human Sciences Research Council and the Imprint of Education (TIE) study. The conference was held in Diani, Kenya, with the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship alumni from 7 countries across Africa. 

“The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program provides scholarships to academically gifted but socio-economically disadvantaged students through secondary and tertiary education on the African continent. Seeking to understand the impact of university education on first generation graduates, the Mastercard Foundation has funded the HSRC to conduct a longitudinal cohort study, The Imprint of Education (TIE). Over a period of five years, TIE is pursuing questions on topics such as ethical and transformative leadership, giving back, livelihoods, identity, mentoring and work with the view to understand how to better prepare young African graduates to have a real impact on their worlds. It is envisaged the learnings will enable the Scholars Program to identify what works and why, as well as how it can be improved.” (HSRC website)

For more information about her academic journey starting from her childhood years in Soweto to pursuing her PhD in the Netherlands – enjoy the YouTube video below! 

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